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spray box liner

Weekend Project
Line-X Spray-On Bed Liner
Bed liners are among the best ways to protect a truck from damage caused by shifting cargo loads and caustic substances. Line-X’s alternative to a conventional rigid plastic bed liner is a spray-on coating that adheres to the contours of a truck’s surface. Because the liner is sprayed on, there’s no way for it to become loose or warp in the sun. Although it’s repairable, however, the Line-X liner isn’t easily removable, so you’d better be sure before you let them start spraying.

Installing the Line-X liner isn’t a do-it-yourself proposition, and it’s a project for which at least a day should be set aside. Once the area to be lined is defined (customized to a customer’s taste), the truck is masked and the two-stage Line-X coating is heated and applied with high-pressure, impingement mix-dispensing equipment. Because the liner material adheres to whatever contours it encounters, it’s especially effective for beds that have been patched or modified. Available in seven different colors, the lining adds between 40 and 55 pounds to a truck’s weight, but leaves cargo space essentially unaffected. The liner material cures quickly, leaving a surface texture similar to that of a urethane skateboard wheel, with little bumps for traction. The slight initial chemical odor-similar to “new-car smell”-fades quickly. Pricing starts at about $300 depending on the extent

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2007 dodge ram

Offers a low cost, easy to use online equipment listing service.. We offer a personalized and professional internet listing service for sellers of equipment, including: Heavy and Light Construction Equipment, Logging & Forestry Equipment as well as Trucks and Trailers and all other categories. Guide keeps Canadian equipment buyers and decision makers informed of new products, services, trade shows, events, and literature. is distributed to key personnel across Canada in the construction, open-pit mining, forestry, civic and rental equipment sectors who have an interest in and responsibility for heavy equipment.

Bron crawlers are available with static or vibratory plows for the direct burial of underground utilities including telephone, electrical, conduit, gas and water lines. The Bron 150 crawler with offsetting vibratory plows is designed for the installation of fibre optics, copper cable, conduit and pipe at working depths up to 60 inches. Vibratory plows are ideal for installations in all conditions or where tractive power is limited, and can be used as a static plow when ground conditions permit. Standard features include front and rear swing, main lift, attitude, and blade lift adjustment cylinders to maintain plowing integrity in the toughest conditions. The crawler features a Cat 210 hp engine with hydrostatic 2-speed automatic, variable speed track drive with a D4 undercarriage and comes with an 8,000-pound standard lift capacity reel carrier. Bron self propelled utility plows are available in models up to 450 hp with static or vibratory plow attachments.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

UFC Champion GSP VS BJ PENN results

Another victory for GSP tonight as BJ Penn took it too the chin. a major victory for the young champ from Quebec, Canada. I fight GSP trained very hard for day in and out. As won of UFC largest public events ever hosted this fight was not a disappointment for many. The fight itself went a complete four rounds before the victor prevailed. 

A huge loss for BJ Penn , who often looked tired and well over worked during the match. After only the first round of the sold out event it was obvious who the was fit and better shape to fight
not to mention his $400,000 pay day and that included his $200,000 bonus. So the Canadian kid came out on top not just in the ring but also financially. 

A one sided fight for the 27 year old Middleweight champion.